•  we are the authorized distribute in Egypt.

  •  he bearing industry is a strategic industry and a barometer of industrial development of a country. in particular,as key components of automobiles, electrics & electronics, automation systems and machines, it is the bearing industry that requires very high precision, low noise and low friction .

  •  KBC is contributing to make human beings` daily life more abundant by producing & supplying various ball bearings which feature low friction . high rotation, low vibration . low noise in the fields of electrics & electronics, energy, farming machines, automobiles as well as industrial machines and leisure industries .

  •  KBC is also contributing to the growth of industry and always along with the development of the human beings civilization by producing roller bearings having a heavy duty-carrying capacity and supplying them to automobiles, steel mills, mining machinery, reduction gears for industrial uses and in the fields of railways.

  •  KBC never hesitates to develop new products, tailored to the customers applications and needs. This is especially, but not only, the case for automotive components, electrics and other specialized applications.

  •  We consider ourselves one of the mediators between both KBC and its agent here in Egypt because we believe in quality and competitive prices by the Company KBC. We hope as well as for customers of the Arab Republic of Egypt’s prosperity and security and lack of technology in pollution and noise, this product is available through KBC.


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